Black Raspberry & Vanilla 450gr Bath Bomb Crumble
Black Raspberry & Vanilla 450gr Bath Bomb Crumble

Black Raspberry & Vanilla 450gr Bath Bomb Crumble

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Our best selling bath crumble now in the pouch and bigger in size. oh so yummy!!

(1 Bag - 450 gr)

How to use:

While running the bath sprinkle up to a third of the bag (or less) in the water. Shake the bag to mix the colours for a more colorful bath art

Use within 4-5 months from purchase. 

5-8 and more baths, can be combined with other EBB products. 

Note: Please do not rub the crumble or crush it as it may stain your skin if handled before it completely dissolved. Slosh the water around to mix the colours in the tub, before jumping in. 

Extra care is needed when exiting, as the bath may be slippery.

STORAGE: Please keep the bag closed.... if the mix gets wet it may activate and have fun without you. LOL

PACKAGING: Plastic Bag (please recycle) 

Note: Cruelty free product, no animal testing! Only the family!!

Ingredients: Plenty of Love and care, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - SLSA, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Kaolin Clay, Color 19140, 42090 & 45410:1

Customer Reviews

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Elaine Collins

Black Raspberry & Vanilla 450gr Bath Bomb Crumble

Bath bombs

My granddaughters love taking turns which bath bomb they will have in their bath . Great fragrances and prompt service.

Karen Russell
Shit off floor

Dad was shocked this is off floor awful hardly sny crumbs

Bath Bomb Crumble

This is so amazing, smells delightful and my daughter just loves it so much, only need to add the smallest amount to get the scent and to change the colour of the water. Would recommend! 😄

Amy De Ville

I’ve bought this scent a few times and absolutely love it! My daughter is obsessed with it and a little goes a long way! We probably get about 6-8 baths out of a pack for her (3/4 full bath of water) and the scent is still quite strong and colours the water nicely! Like all the bath crumbles - it’s like a beautiful artwork when it first goes in the water and it never ceases to amaze my daughter! Highly recommend this scent, and frangipani! ❤️❤️❤️❤️