Shower Steamers

Turn your shower into an aromatherapy heaven!! A bath bomb for your shower!

Shower Steamers are similar to a bath bomb but loaded with essential oils. You place them on the shower floor or ledge, water activates them and they release the essential oils in the air for you to breathe in!!!

One tablet lasts from 8-15!min depending how close or far from the water stream. They need to get wet to activate. But don’t drench them or they’ll fizz out too fast!!

Break them for shorter showers (I get 2/3 showers per steamer)...

Some a loaded with menthol and really nice for stuffy heads or colds!! Others are designed especially for evening shower to relax and put you in a sleepy mode!!

Showers are too short, make them count!  

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58 products

58 products