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Fortune Cookie Bonanza
Fortune Cookie Bonanza
Fortune Cookie Bonanza
Fortune Cookie Bonanza
Fortune Cookie Bonanza
Fortune Cookie Bonanza
Fortune Cookie Bonanza

Fortune Cookie Bonanza

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Soak, relax & enjoy the fortune cookie bath bomb bonanza.

1 in a 100 chance of a $100 cash prize
1 in 6 chance of winning a discount code

From a prophecy to a win just one bath cookie away.

  • Purple - scented with raspberry and decadent vanilla
  • Blue – scented with sex of the beach type blend
  • Pink – scented with Lychee and guava mix
  • Yellow – scented with Lady Million type
  • Lime – scented with a lime and coconuts blend

Ingredients: Plenty of Love and care, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - SLSA, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Kaolin Clay, Color , Fortune message inside

Note: please do not rub the bomb or crush it as it may stain your skin if handled too aggressive.

Extra care is needed when exiting, as the bath may be slippery.

STORAGE: Please keep your bomb in a dry place before use.... if it gets wet it may activate and have fun / start without you. LOL

PACKAGING:  individually wrapped for protection and freshness.

Note: Cruelty free product, no animal testing! Only the family!

e. 100 gr


Soak and relax & enjoy the fortune cookie bath bomb experience.

After the cookie has dissolved, a little fortune capsule will pop up with a message inside. The message may carry a fortune message, discount voucher codes, or a redeemable cash prize.  The capsule is small so make sure not to miss it; it will float at the top of the water. Use a toothpick to get the message out of the capsule. Ensure you have dry hands so the message does not get wet.

No one wants a wet fortune!

NOTE: The capsules are a choking hazard for kids. Please use the bath bomb under adult supervision only.


In order to comply with the racing and gambling commission’s rules and regulation this product will be available for purchase online only.

Cash prize

The cash winning messages are randomly added to bath bombs (1 x $100 AUD cash prize giveaway for every 100 cookies)

1 in a 100 chance of a $100 cash prize

Each message contains a uniquely generated code. If you are the lucky winner of a cash prize please take a picture of yourself holding the code (readable and clearly visible) and send it to us directly (via email or private message).

Upon the code verification we will send you the nominated cash amount via paypal, bank transfer, or you can choose to spend the amount in our store.

Please do not share the code with anyone prior to making a claim with us. We do not take responsibility if another person has provided your winning code before you.

Discount codes

Discounts codes will be valid until January 30th 2020. The codes are only redeemable through the online store.

1 in 6 chance of winning a discount code.

Limited amount of codes per category exist and can be claimed. Do not share yours.


We retain the right to use winner’s picture for marketing purpose after the prize amount has been received. And by accepting the prize money you agree to that.

All winners will be announced on Elena Bath and Body socials (Facebook, Instagram or Website page) on or before 30th January 2020.

To claim the cash prize, the winner must be 18 years and above.

This product promotion is sponsored by Elena Bath and Body and not affiliated, endorsed, or associated with any other party.

This product promotion lasts until 30th January 2020 or while stocks last.

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