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Unscented Castile soap (100% olive oil soap)!!! Love this soap!!!! It is mild and moisturizing!!! Now the waiting time for cute begins!!!! #
On the curing rack!!!!! #Castile #oliveoil #oliveoilsoap
Castile (100% olive oil soap or pure luxury) nearly ready ... Love this soap it's like bathing in yogurt !! No color no scent....jpg
More Castile (100% pure olive oil soap) on the curing rack....jpg

100% Olive Oil

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100% Olive Oil Soap

Also called Castile Soap or Baby Soap

What is a Pure Castile Soap?

Olive oil soap, named after the Castile region of Spain. True Castile bar soap uses only 100% olive oil as the base oil.

Pure olive oil (Castile) soap is known to be very gently and mild with a small silky lather. You will notice that it leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.

This soap is suitable for all skin types, but especially good for those with sensitive, dry and problematic skin.

Also makes a great baby soap.

Today, pure olive oil soaps are rare. Many people claim to make pure Castile soap, in part because the name “Castile” defines quality, purity and gentleness but not all Castile soaps are pure. Ours is pure! We make our Castile using freshest 100 % olive oil from Local Growers in Gin Gin, WA. This bar is unscented uncolored and the gentlest soap you can try. Perfect for problematic, dry skin.